Navigation in 2013

Massive re-build and website re-launch coming this year. Due to technical issues our LIVE stream of services is down, a hard drive failure has sidelined the feature for a while. We are working toward getting new updated equipment to bring it back better than ever in the future.

Posted by Webmaster Preston Rowland on 2-21-2013.

Eastwood on Facebook

Many of the congregation have already joined our Facebook Group and Facebook Page, they are filled with inspirational posts and quotes from Evangelists, Revivalists, and great worshippers. For even more online interaction with Eastwood join us on Facebook. We encourage our online viewers to join.

Updated by Webmaster Preston Rowland on 11-3-2011.

Eastwood Worship Project

Phase 1 of a future Eastwood Worship Project is underway, writing arranging and demo recording songs. Hopefully the project could be completed sometime next year. The Project will consist mostly of original songs by Daren Stout and other members of the worship team and tech department. If we can get permission or rights to some other songs they may be featured on the project.

Updated by Webmaster Preston Rowland on 10-31-2011.

Easter 2009 DVD regress

This is by far the largest video undertaking ever here at Eastwood. We have some really good footage, and some okay footage, but this should still turn out to be our best DVD ever. We are still working on the final product so be patient. And yes we in the video department know we are asking for the "patience of Job."

Posted by Webmaster Preston Rowland on 12-13-2010.